Schools & Holiday Programmes

Schools – active and fun activity that all children can enjoy!

Hutt Indoor Sports cater to a large range of indoor sports, including ultimate frisbee, netball, uni-hockey, soccer and cricket. From primary school kids to high school teenagers, we cater to all ages groups and can also run a special programme designed for children with disabilities.

Visit Hutt Indoor Sports on a regular basis

Together we can create with you an challenging and exciting school sports programme that caters for all children’s fitness and ability levels. Book a regular weekly slot and you can watch your class’s sporting abilities grow while they have fun.

Choose between an one-off ½ or full day indoor sports day for your school

Wanting to take your class somewhere fun on a school outing day?

Here at Hutt Indoor Sports, we can create an adrenalin filled, exciting sports event for your school. You can come in for a few hours, or stay for the whole day – whatever suits you!

Book in for your next school holiday programme

Although we do not run our very own school holiday programme, other school holiday programmes who would like to organise indoor sports holiday programme days are welcome to pop in. As well as providing sports hosts who will guide children through a selection of chosen sports, you also have the option to include ‘Junglerama’ in the sports package.

Hutt Indoor Sports in conjunction with Kelly Sports Lower Hutt runs a fantastic, fun filled sports holiday programme. This sports based holiday programme will give your children the opportunity to try different sports, learn new skills, build their self confidence and most importantly have a huge amount of fun.
This holiday programme can be attended by Boys & Girls aged between 5 – 13 years old. Kelly Sports has a wide range of fun packed yet skill rewarding sports such as Cricket, Hockey, Rippa Rugby, Dodgeball, Soccer and loads more. An additional feature to this amazing programme is Junglerama, why let the fun stop. Include Junglerama in your package, even better you can enrol for one or two half or full days, you don’t have to erol for the full week.

Parents can have a little time out over the holidays, while their child are buring off energy, enjoying sport and learning new skills.

Morning sessions involve coaching the skills required for the particular sport advertised for the morning. Each age group will work on a different court and all abilities are catered for.

This is OSCAR approved with entitlments to WINZ subsides.

To find out more about this spectacular programme – Kelly Sports Programmes

Indoor sports competition league for children

Want your child to have fun and stay fit on a regular basis? Consider getting a team of kids together to join a league – either netball or soccer. Contact us for more information.