Participate in the best indoor sports team at Hutt Indoor Sports!


Regardless of whether you’d like to have a laugh with your friends and enjoy playing indoor sports socially, or if you’d like to challenge yourself and participate in a competitive indoor sport, all social and corporate teams are welcome! With a comprehensive grading system, you can rest assured that your team is playing in the right league.

We operate the newest and largest indoor sports competition in the Hutt Valley, and have hundreds of adult teams playing across 4 sports genres.

HUTT Indoor Netball

HUTT Indoor Soccer – 6-a-side

Registration: nil
Game fee: $78.00 per game

Friday netball – $60.00 per game




Registration: nil
Game fee: $78.00 per game




Bubble Soccer

HUTT Indoor Cricket

Game fee:


Registration: nil
Game fee: $112.00 per game




Your questions answered…


If there is no new league starting soon can I still register now for the next league?
Answer: Yes, you can secure your sport in the next league by registering mid-season. You can also request to enter a current league if spots are still available.


How do people get placed in the league?
Answer: Before each new league starts, we have 3-4 weeks of grading period to determine which grade your team should be placed in for the upcoming round. Occasionally, there can be errors in grading some teams but we usually get a pretty fair result. One person can make a great difference to the way a team performs so if a good player is away or injured the teams performance can change dramatically.


Will there be an umpire for every game?
Answer: Yes! Although they may not be trained to an elite level, they’ll have a good understanding of the rules and will control the game at a safe level. Adjustments are regularly made to our umpiring processes to ensure that the league stays fun and safe for all participants. For example, a new five foul count rule has been introduced to the indoor soccer for all umpires.


How do we find new or replacement players?
Answer: You can use our HIS Facebook page or notice board to find new or replacement players, or contact us.