Indoor Netball

Suitable for the novice to competitive league player

Created from outdoor netball (and with basketball in mind), indoor netball is a 6-a-side version game. Fast paced and fun, this social game is played inside one of the fully net enclosed courts.

Indoor netball is becoming increasingly popular to wide range of people. Suitable as well for those who have never played before, this is a fun game which is simple to learn – and a great way to meet new people.

If you like to play competitive outdoor netball or even basketball, indoor netball is the sport for you, as it offers the same fast, fun challenge.

Key Information

Location(s): 93 Hutt Park Road, Hutt Park, Moera
League Types Available:

Mixed leagues (Mon – Fri)

Ladies league (Tues only)

Team Numbers Required: 6 players on court, maximum of 8 people per team, per game.
Weekly Fees:

Mon to Thur Graded teams – Game fees are $78.00 per game (effective as of July 1st 2023)

Friday graded teams – Game fees are $60.00 per game (effective as of July 1st 2023)

Next League Starts:

Autumn League 2024 – Starts March 11th 2024 – July 5th 2024

Winter League 2024 – Starts July 8th 2024 – October 18th 2024

 Summer League 2024/25 – Starts October 21st 2024 – March 2025

How our Indoor Netball competition works

There are three leagues played (Autumn, Winter and Summer) which last around 15 weeks. The first 3-4 weeks is a grading period, followed by around 13 weeks of competition rounds. Your team can expect to play at least one game a week during this period.

At the end of each season, there are final matches which determine a winner for each grade.

Each game runs for 40 minutes – spilt into 4 quarters of 9 minutes). The game begins after a toss-up at the trans-verse line between two centre players from opposing teams. To score a goal, the ball needs to go through the hoop at your end of the court.

Each goal scored (through the hoop inside the half semi circle at the end of the court) will earn 1 point for the team, and shooting outside the semi circle earns 2 points. The use of the sideline nets to pass the ball around makes the game even more exciting.

If you want to know more, check out the rules here.

Team grading ensures the pace is challenging while suited to your level of ability and fitness

If you’re looking to increase your fitness, have fun with your friends or increase your netball skills, indoor netball is the game for you. The large number of teams and effective grading system will help to ensure you are placed in a team that suits you.

Both ladies and mixed indoor netball teams accepted

Mixed teams are made up on a 3/3 ratio (or ladies and men). There are also grades for Ladies teams only.

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For more information contact:

Hutt Indoor: Evening Netball
(04) 589 HUTT (4888)
[email protected]