Bubble Soccer

Key Information


Bubble Soccer is currently available at Shed 1 ONLY.

Location: Wellington Indoor Sports, Shed 1, Queens Wharf

Please contact Wellington Indoor Sports for more info.

League Type Available: Social Bookings only
Game details:

Ten players (5-a-side) maximum allowed on court at one time. Each team is also allowed one substitute making the maximum players per team six. You can play with less on court upon request.

 While protected in your inflatable Bubble you will try to score goals. You will play in a designated and marked area. Apart from the standard rules, bumping, bouncing, rolling, flipping over and smashing into other players are tactical parts of the game which are actually encouraged.

You don’t like soccer? You can also just go for a casual game or even just a bumping competition. We can set-up different options to adapt the game to your wishes to get you the maximum fun out of it.

Our Bubbles are designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of play with adjustable soft-padded straps that will insure they are comfortable and easy to carry, like a backpack

Booking Cost:

$195.00 per hour, this includes the hire of the bubble equipment, court usage (1 court) and a Hutt staff member to supervise and give a safety briefing. Maximum 12 players per booking.

A $50 per court, non-refundable deposit is required upon booking via credit card, bank deposit or by coming into our venue.

Availability: Bubble Soccer is available Friday- Sunday only. Please contact us to ask about time availability.

The Bubbles are made of high quality TPU (to avoid any sensitivity to PVC) and are available in 3 sizes: adult (1.80m and1.50m diameter) or kids (1.20m diameter). A child needs to be at least 1.15m tall to be able to play. The adult Bubbles are suitable for people up to 120 kg (subject to body shape). Kids that are over 1.40m tall will fit in the adult Bubbles, but they need to be physically able to carry 9 kg. If you aren’t sure if it fits get in touch with us and we can provide you more detail.

A Supervisor will be at the site at all times.

  • All sharp or breakable objects worn or in pockets e.g. keys, phone and pointy piercings need tobe removed. Piercings that cannot be removed, shall be taped.
  • Tell the Supervisor if you have problems with the bubble or the harness.
  • The player needs to be in the bubble at all times while on the designated game area.
  • Nobody outside the game area is allowed to be hit. If anyone is hitting a player or staff member that are not involved the game will be cancelled without any money refunded.
  • Don’t jump or land on objects.
  • If you are feeling tired, exhausted during the game, suffering any injury or for any other reason that will stop you continuing to play, raise your hand directly in the air and the Supervisor will stop the game and assist you.
  • No player is allowed to hit another player that has their hand up in the air

Please remember that Bubble Soccer is a high contact, high impact sport. Although we endeavour to take every precaution to ensure your safety, due to the nature of the sport, injuries may occur. Please be aware.


For more information or to book contact:


Wellington Indoor Sports
(04) 472 5588 – City Station Office
[email protected]